5 Tips For Having Your Pet at Your Wedding

Having pets at your wedding is a new trend in wedding ceremonies. While your pet might not be able to be a part of the whole ceremony, sometimes you may be able to include your pet in some capacity. Here are five tips on how to include your pet in your wedding. 

Check With the Venue

Before you plan to include your dog or other pet, check with the venue to make sure it’s approved. Some venues may have rules against having a pet at a wedding for various reasons, including safety and hygiene. While the venue might approve having your pet participate, you may need to inform your guests and wedding party in case of allergies.

Have a Game Plan For the Pet

Having a game plan for what your pet will do and what your pet’s role will be at your wedding is important. The pet handler will need to know where they walk and where they stand at your ceremony. Talk about the plan with the rest of the party so everyone is aware of where the pet should be at all times. It’s best if the pet is not standing with the wedding party the whole time; consider having the pet handler walk the pet down the aisle, and then sit with the pet off to the side.

Make the Pet Feel Like a Member of the Bridal Party

While picking the dresses and tuxes for the wedding party make sure to include an accessory for the pet. This could be as simple as a bowtie in the color of the groom’s tie or the bridal party dress. The bride and groom could also go all out with a tux or a skirt for the dog in the color of the rest of the bridal party. Your pet will be a member of your bridal party, for at least a part of the day, so it is important that they look the part.

Have Your First Walk With Your Pet

Between your ceremony and the reception, take a walk just the three of you. This is a way to get some private time, and allow you to keep the pet calm as the reception begins. This is also an ideal opportunity to include your pet in wedding day photos.

Have Your Pet With You During Your First Dance

While the traditional first dance is between husband and wife, consider having your pet join you after a few minutes. Whether your pet swirls with you, or stays in the center awaiting applause, make sure whatever you do, your pet is comfortable.This is a unique way to have your pet be a part of your ceremony.

Follow these tips or come up with some ways of your own to include your pet at your wedding. Still looking for your perfect wedding dress? Check out our bridal collection.

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