5 Fun Summer Wedding Themes

Whether you always wanted a summer wedding or it’s just the easiest time of your for your friends and family to gather together, it’s certainly a popular time of year for a wedding. If you’ve decided that summer is the best option for you, you might now be wondering if you can use a fun theme to tie your big day together and set it apart from other weddings. Any of these suggestions are a great way to make sure everyone has a blast at your summer wedding!

1) A Summer Tea Party

Can you not go a day without your favorite tea? One fun wedding theme is the ultimate tea party. You could hold your tea party themed wedding in a beautiful botanical garden but it will work just as well in an indoor wedding. If you decide not to serve alcohol, tea could take the place of cocktail hour or is great for an after dinner treat. Vintage teapots and teacups can be great decorations and can be filled with flowers to act as centerpieces for your tables.

Tea parties are especially great if you’re having an afternoon ceremony that falls between traditional lunch and dinner hours. Light appetizers are great ways to make sure your guests don’t get hungry while they’re celebrating. Naked cakes are a fun trend that would look great at the best tea party you’ll ever attend! Send your guests home with small tins of your favorite loose leaf tea for a classy wedding favor!

2) Barbecue and Lawn Games

Are you more comfortable in a casual setting than a formal affair? If formal plated dinners followed by a dance party don’t sound like your idea of a great time (it’s not for everyone!), you might want to throw a summer barbecue instead! A barbecue food truck could be a great, easy option for you to feed your guests on your big day. A barbecue can be accompanied by lawn games like corn hole and frisbee golf so you can have fun with your guests in a more casual setting. This homey approach to your wedding day can also be a good way to stretch your budget.

3) Ice Cream Social

How big is your sweet tooth? If your answer is huge and you want to bring a sense of fun to your summer wedding, consider throwing a giant ice cream social. Soft and sweet colors can fill out the theme, from soft green hues that mimic mint ice cream and strawberry pinks to classic ivory-vanilla. You’re also guaranteed to have the most fun dessert table ever if you have a make your own ice cream sundae bar with sprinkles in your colors and all of the fixings! Make sure you have some dairy free treats so any friends who can’t eat normal ice cream can still get in on the fun!

4) Nautical Weddings

Are you getting married on the coast or do you wish you were? Nautical weddings are a fun wedding theme that works well in the summer! You can decorate with navy blue, white, and pops of red. This theme can work for any sort of wedding — whether it’s a casual backyard affair or if it’s a more formal venue. You can even incorporate rope and anchors into your decorating scheme before you sail off onto your honeymoon together.

5) Beach Weddings

There’s a reason beach weddings are always popular! If you’ve always wanted to get married with your feet in the sand, celebrate your marriage at the ocean. There are lots of little touches that can make your big day even more special and unique to you. Flip flops and sunglasses are great favors to make sure your guests are comfortable at your wedding. A cute touch of personalization is to provide your guests with water bottles with custom labels with your names and a special logo!

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