5 Benefits of a Fall Wedding

Every season has pros and cons of having a wedding at that time. Summer might have nice weather for a beach wedding, but the humidity could impede guests enjoying the outdoor ceremony. Winter could mean marrying under a gentle snow; however, the chill that comes with winter may keep all guests inside. Spring may bring the early blooms, but spring showers are also a factor. In the fall, the weather is cool, humidity is lower, and Mother Nature sets the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

While we’re still a way off from fall, now may be a good time to decide what time of year you’d like to be married so you can plan in advance. Here are 5 benefits of a fall wedding.

The Weather

One of the best things about the fall is the moderating temperatures. For couples wanting an outdoor wedding, this is the perfect season to get married, because you and your guests will be comfortable being outside for your ceremony. If an indoor wedding is more your plan, the fall is also a time where you might not need a venue with AC or Heat, so you can save money there. A barn wedding is a perfect compromise where you can enjoy the outdoors and have the building for the ceremony or dinner.

Leaves and Flowers

Fall is the time of year when the leaves are changing and they have the most beautiful colors. An outdoor wedding in the woods, or surrounded by trees is the best way to incorporate nature if that is one of your goals. Flowers in the fall such as dahlia’s, marigolds, and lilies can be used as the bouquets for another added element of nature. Another option is to use fall flowers in your centerpieces.

Fall Flavors

If you’re a foodie who enjoys apples or pumpkin, this is the season to have your wedding because the flavors are most prominent in this season. Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving and can be used as a selection for your reception paired with the root vegetables, and perhaps butternut squash soup as a first course. Don’t forget dessert with a pie, such as sweet potato and pumpkin, in addition to the wedding cake.

Dark Colors

During the fall, dark colors are in full swing. If you would like to use reds, dark purple, green, or orange, these colors blend in with nature. An outdoor wedding with the colors of the season for dresses is perfect because the colors add to the natural setting. For an indoor or barn wedding, you can incorporate the colors of fall into dress and décor in the venue. For the reception, you can use a dark color for  table linens, centerpieces, and plates. 

Seasonal Textures

If you’re a fan of leather, heavy wood, or wool, you can easily incorporate them into the wedding in more ways than one. The textures most found in fall will be too heavy for a wedding in the spring and summer and might be on the light side for a wedding in the winter. You can use wood for tables and chairs, accented with leather. Wool adds an element for the table decorations or a way to cover the seating as well.

Every season will have different benefits and drawbacks, so it really depends on what you, and your partner want. Looking for the perfect dress for your fall wedding? Check out the Fan C Designs bridal collection.

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