4 Unique Wedding Gifts

In addition to figuring out what to wear to the next big wedding wedding and who to bring as a plus one (if you were given one), you’re probably trying to figure out what to bring as a gift for the couple. Most couples probably have a wedding gift registry of things they want or could use. Generally it’s best to choose something from the registry list — maybe that new set of white bedding isn’t the most exciting thing you’ve considered, but it’s exactly what they need. This is especially true if they are moving into a new home together and need to furnish it.

That said, some couples don’t put out a registry; then what do you do? If you’re a close friend or a member of their family, you might have an idea of what they need.

Wall Art

This is best if you’ve been over to their home and have an idea of their design aesthetic. A piece of wall art or other home decor can be a great gift that will remind them of their wedding day and of you. There are lots of ways to go with this. After all, art doesn’t necessarily mean a painting or tapestry (although those can be great options). It can also be a sculpture or something like a custom clock. Keep in mind their color scheme and the rest of their home…and also keep their situation in mind. If your friends are renting their home, it’s probably best to avoid a gift that must be mounted against the wall.


A fun option for couples that love to travel is a map that can be posted to their wall. Supply them with decorative push pins in a variety of colors so they can mark where they have traveled and where they wish to go together in the future. This is especially great if you can find a map with an interesting design. An antique map (with modern borders and city names!) is a great option, as is a clean, modern map with bright colors. For a different twist, keep an eye out for globes made of materials like cork.

Subscription Service

Maybe you don’t want to get them an item? Paying for a subscription for the happy couple can be a fun option. This can be very appreciated if you have an idea of how they like to spend their free time. If you know they’re wanting to learn to cook together, perhaps you can order a meal box kit for them. Keep any dietary needs and preferences in mind: many services have vegan and gluten free options. There are other subscription box services such as ones with various coffees and wines. Others aren’t necessarily food related — you can also find crafting kits or subscription boxes for their pets.


Another option if you would prefer to not get the happy couple a physical item, you can pay for an experience for them. This doesn’t have to be super expensive: a gift card to their favorite movie theater is a great way for you to give them a date night. Other fun options are museum or zoo tickets, or maybe a season subscription to a local theatre company. Also consider paying for them to take a class together! Learning a new skill can both be a bonding experience and a way to teach them something they’ll love going forward.

If you’re invited to share this happy day with the couple, you probably know something about them that will help you to figure out the perfect gift. Think about what they like or what they need and go from there.

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