How to Use Fashion to Accentuate Your Curves

At Fan C Designs, we appreciate that curves are beautiful. Curvy fashion should accentuate your curves, not try to hide them or draw the eye away from them. And there are a number of tricks you can use to draw attention to your curves. Many curvy fashion guides suggest cinching the waist in some way. But what if your waist isn’t that small, or you’re a curvy woman without an hourglass figure?

Some might suggest taking your clothes to a tailor to find a perfect fit. That’s a great idea, if you can afford it. For those of us who can’t, here are a few tips to enhance your curves with fashion.

Look for Color Blocking

Color block tops can enhance your curves without the need to dramatically cinch the waist. These tops do narrow somewhat towards the waist, but the real magic is the bold contrast of color panels. Color block tops are designed to draw the eye to the middle panel so that the sides become sort of invisible. Vertical color blocking is ideal, but horizontal color blocking that breaks off at the waist can also make a difference when it comes to showing off your curves.

Lower Your Necklines

High necklines can look stuffy and blocky, especially for curvy women. The ideal necklines for curvy fashion are lower, such as V-necks or low scoop-necks. Not only do these necklines, V-necks especially, accentuate your curves, but they draw the eyes towards your face as well. This is why wrap dresses are so perfect for curvy women. You can also find this effect in wedding dresses, such as Fan C’s elegant gown with a V-neckline.

A-Line Skirts

No one pulls off A-line skirts quite like curvy women. This is a great way to show off your curves, and it looks fun and breezy, as well. It’s perfect for summer, and when winter arrives, just add a pair of leggings underneath to stay warm. You can find A-line skirts in your wedding gowns, too, like this princess gown or this sleek, strapless look.


Instead of cinching the waist with a belt, consider layering to show off your curves. This could be a waist or hip-length jacket or camisole, something that shows the flare of your hips. Blazers over a plain shirt can look particularly sharp. Accent pieces like statement necklaces can also draw attention to your curves in a fun way that also shows off your personal style. Layering your tops typically only works in cooler months of the year, but statement accessories are a great fit throughout the year.

Your curvy fashion should show off who you are, not reduce or hide your beautiful figure. What are your favorite tricks to show off your curves with fashion?

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