The Pros and Cons of Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

During the wedding planning process, brides can try on anywhere from 5-500 dress styles before finding the perfect gown. Along the way, you will likely consider long sleeve wedding dresses as an option for your big day. There are plenty of pros and cons to consider before committing to a long sleeve dress. In this article, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of this style of dress, to help you decide on the perfect look for your wedding day. 

Pro: Extra Coverage For Outdoor Weddings 

If you are facing the elements and having an outdoor wedding, it’s best to be prepared for any kind of weather! Dressing in long sleeves can be a great choice if you are having a winter wedding or are holding a ceremony in a windy location, such as a beach. You never know what the sky will decide to do on your big day, so it’s best to be prepared so that you can enjoy the festivities while still being comfortable. 

Pro: A Unique Touch to Your Gown

Just because you have long sleeves on doesn’t mean that your dress has to be any less stylish! Feel free to get creative with the material of your dress sleeves. Ask your seamstress or bridal shop to add lace material or a touch of satin! Adding a dash of texture can significantly elevate your look. You can also incorporate a pop of color into your sleeves to match the color scheme of your wedding event! This can be a great way to compliment your bridesmaids dresses, too. 

Pro: Embrace a Modest Look

If you are getting married in a formal church or other religious establishment, you might want to opt for a more conservative-style gown. This will help you embrace a modest look so that you stay respectful yet stylish. If you are inviting guests who prefer a modest style, such as your grandparents or other loved ones, a dress with long sleeves can help you stay comfortable and be respectful of the preferences for your guests. 

Con: Less Range of Motion

This style isn’t the right choice for everyone, especially those who enjoy having full range of motion. Your wedding day can be extremely stressful! You might be sweating, shaking, or even form a temperature. There is a lot going on during your special day, so it’s only natural to be nervous! Having short sleeves or better yet, going completely sleeveless, can allow you to breathe freely and feel more comfortable during the ceremony and afterwards. 

Con: Sizing Difficulties 

Have you ever purchased a sweater or blouse that fit perfectly everywhere except the arms?! Wedding dresses are not excluded from this rule! If you decide to go with a long sleeve dress, you likely will need to get it tailored to fit each part of your body specifically. While this might take extra time and effort, you will end up with a gorgeous gown that expresses your individuality. 

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