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Body Style – Apple Shaped Figure

If you’re a full figured woman, we have some tips and style selections to bring out your best features.ne.

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Suggested Necklines: Deep V-neck, Strapless and Sweetheart will accentuate your bust and curves.
Suggested Skirts: Empire, A-line, and Ball Gown will give you a slimmer looking waistline.

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Body Style – Hourglass Figure

You have a well-defined waist, and your shapely top and bottom are about equal in size. The goal here is to accentuate
your waist, while trying not to add size to your hips and shoulders.

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Suggested Necklines: Scoop, V-neck, One-Shoulder, Strapless or Halter.
Suggested Skirts: Sheath, A-Line, Ball Gown, Dropped Waistline, Mermaid, or Fit & Flare.

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Body Style – Inverted Triangle Figure

V-Shaped women will want to avoid a high neckline, turtleneck, big collar and stiff or bulky fabrics.

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Suggested Necklines:One shoulder or Strapless.

Suggested Skirts:A-line, Mermaid, Fit & Flare, Ball Gown, or Sheath.

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Body Style – Pear Shaped Figure

The lower half of your figure appears fuller, so it’s important to create more balance. Add some style upstairs; choose
wide necklines, puffy sleeves and tops that hug the shoulders. Tops with wide-set straps will also help to visually widen
your shoulders and chest area.

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Suggested Necklines: V-neck, Big Shoulder, or Halter.
Suggested skirts: A-line, Ball Gown, or Empire

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Body Style – Rectangle Shaped Figure

Your body is well balanced but could use a little something to bring out the curves. Creating the appearance of a
curvier waist and bottom will enhance your femininity nicely.

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Suggested Neckline: Scoop, V-neck, Strapless or One Shoulder.
Suggested Skirt: A-line, Sheath, Mermaid, or Ball Gown.

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Body Style – Small Busted Figure

Create the illusion of a fuller bust line with a rouched or embellished bodice, or play up your youthful figure with some
eye-catching style.

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Suggested Neckline: Halter, One shoulder, or Sweetheart.
Suggested Skirts: A-line, or Ball Gown.

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Body Style – Large Busted Figure

If you’re a busty woman, finding a bust shape that works well with your dress is important. While much of this is down
to wearing the right bra, certain necklines will accentuate your feminine qualities better than others.

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Suggested Neckline: V-neck, Princess Off The Shoulder, or Square.
Suggested Skirts: Ball Gown or A-line.

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