Finding the perfect Wedding Dress to Compliment Your Curves

So it’s been a few months since you got engaged, the excitement of the beautiful proposal has waned a little and your phone no longer rings every minute with congratulatory messages on your engagement. It is time to plan the wedding. And like every bride, the very first thought that runs through your mind is “what will I wear?!”

This gown is going to be the focus of thousands of photographs. And everyone will be commenting how you look, based largely on this gown. We’re here to help.

All brides want to look gorgeous on their wedding day, and there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. Bridal magazines offer some good ideas, but most of us do not have bodies like those of the models featured.

It is important to find a dress that fits our unique body shape. Knowing where to start your search is very helpful. The style, cut and even fabric can all have a huge impact on either flattering your figure, or not.

Now, if you’re a curvy bride – every magazine you pick up will probably give you the same run of the mill advice telling you to either pick the A-line style because it will lengthen your body or an empire waist dress. Newsflash: you are not limited to one or two cuts only, Curvy is not your only adjective.

The fashion industry presents this message, over and over again, that curvy brides are only limited to certain cuts and styles. This absolutely is not true. Be adventurous! Try something new and different and totally unlike you, it is YOUR wedding after all, and curvy figures can look amazing in ANY cut or style. Do not let other people’s inaccurate opinions dictate what you wear.

No matter the shape of your body, you can and will find a dress that flatters your figure. Don’t settle for just any gown out of frustration. This is your special day to shine and shine you will. Do not stop searching until you find a dress you are absolutely in love with.

On this note – we love curves! And we have some simple guides that will help you get started in selecting the perfect dress, no matter your figure; and over the next few weeks we will discuss wedding dress silhouettes and how they can help you identify your dream gown.

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a wedding gown, make sure you check out our line of gowns – we have the shapes and styles – in the sizes you need, and we will not guide you away from something you love toward something the fashion industry indicates is your ‘only option’. Browse our Curvy Couture Collection now and get ready to look, and feel amazing on your wedding day!

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