How to Choose a Wedding Planner: Part 2

How to Choose a Wedding Planner: Part 2, the interview

How to Choose a Wedding Planner. If you’ve read our first article on choosing a wedding planner you should know the main differences between the services companies provide. Now comes the hard part, finding out which one is right for you.
All Wedding Planners should agree to an interview/consultation beforehand, don’t give in to pressure or excitement and ensure that you shop around! Choosing the right Wedding Planner can save you astronomical amounts of stress.

Choosing a Wedding Planner in an Interview


Every Wedding Planner is different, just as every bride is different. Whilst it’s great to look up reviews and testimonials, it’s still the interview that counts. Even if they look like the greatest Planner on paper, if you don’t click in the interview then it is clear they are not right for you. The right Wedding Planner will feel right, you should click and be able to express yourself with them comfortably and confidently.

If you have a clear idea of what you want your Wedding to be, then you need a Wedding Planner that can understand your vision and share your excitement. Additionally, the right Planner will understand your budget, and make sensible suggestions. They may not say the things you want to hear, but sometimes that is what a bride needs to hear when planning a wedding.

Wedding Planner Interview


With this in mind, what are the big red flags to watch out for when interviewing a Wedding Planner?


1) The Yes-Planner

Does your planner seem too agreeable? They may seem nice, but if a Wedding Planner just agrees and compliments you on everything she may not be the Planner for the job. Planning a Wedding can be a hard job, and difficult decisions need to be made. If your Planner has no ideas of her own, you know to look out. Also….

2) It’s too good to be true

If your Wedding Planner is promising you the World, the Moon, the Sun and all the Stars for a fantastic price then it’s best to be skeptical. A few slippery Planners have been known to bill for extra things once you’ve signed on already, leaving you with a hefty and unexpected bill.

3) The Uncompromising Know-it-all

You’re choosing to hire a Wedding Planner, you want them to be knowledgeable, but when your Planner point-blank refuses your suggestions (for vendors along with ideas) it’s time to get out. You want a Wedding Planner that works with you on Vendors and decisions, not one looking for a kickback from her Photographer friend.

4) Doesn’t bring up a Planning Contract

Verbal contracts mean squat. A Planning Contract is standard practise and should outline the standard, expectations and price clearly. No money should be given, or asked for without a contract in place.


These are the four big ones, but listen to your gut (and your fiance), if it feels wrong, don’t give in to pressure and say straight out NO THANKYOU.

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