3 Things to Pack in Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Once upon a time…it was your special day. The flowers were delivered early, the bridesmaids dressed without incident or bickering, and your dress was a fierce as they come. When suddenly…disaster stuck! You spilled red wine on your crisp white gown and have no stain remover to save the day. The horror! No one can plan for tragedy, but they can carry tools to combat it. Here’s a look at items to put in your emergency kit that can save your special day.


You can never be too prepared when it comes to extra primping items on the day of your wedding. This included items for your hair such as bobby pins, hairspray, combs, as well as make-up, lotion, nail files, and tweezers. If you have a certain shade of lipstick, it’s good to have a backup tube. Always carry backup options!

Disaster Prevention

As previously discussed, disaster can strike at anytime! Don’t be caught off guard. Sewing kits and scissors will help with quick fixes. Phone chargers will make sure you don’t lose contact with anyone important throughout the day. Stain remover (as mentioned before) will most likely save the day! Try to always be one step ahead of any incident.


Do you have a tension headache? What about an unexpected blister? What about a bit of food caught between your teeth? Thinking about your well-being with your emergency kit will be a great kindness to yourself. Bring extra painkillers, bandaids, floss and even a toothbrush. Stay ahead of your allergies, bring tissues for unexpected tears, and don’t forget sunblock if it’s a bright day!

Finally, what can you do with all of this information? How can you make it something translates into a functional emergency kit? Create a list of all the items that will apply to you and your wedding party.This will make things much easier to gather and put together!

Your wedding day maybe be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall prey to unexpected stress. Keep your emergency kit at the ready, stocked with items to ward off troubles. You’ll be glad you did yourself the favor. Now you can finally live happily ever after!

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